JGM Engineering


JGM Engineering is a CNC Engineering Workshop based in Penrith Sydney NSW.

We specialise in precise CNC machining of customer components.

A highly skilled staff with over 30 years of experience in the Engineering Industry.

We offer small to large production runs on our automated CNC machines.

Complex Components Are Our Speciality.

CNC Machining

We can Mill and Turn all types of materials from nylon through to the most chalenging alloy steels

Repetition Engineering

JGM is a specialist Repetition Engineering operation. We have fully automated machinery to suit your needs.


Plating services can be outsourced, creating turnkey solutions for customer machined components.


Brazing is also a main core of our business.

As we will always look at supplying the finished assembled products as required.

Brazing services are offered to our customers in addition to machining their products.


Repetition Manufacturing - JGM Engineering

Why repetition engineering?

What can repetition engineering do for your manufacturing and production process? Through the use of advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machines, repetition engineering processes are able to produce large quantities of identical parts efficiently and with highly consistent precision.  What this means to the customer is that parts can be produced more cost effectively and…

Hidden Costs of Imported Manufactured Goods

Hidden Costs of Imported Manufactured Goods It may be appealing to outsource repetition engineering jobs to international companies who provide quotes which are substantially lower than the local manufacturer’s quote. But there are a range of hidden costs of imported manufactured goods which often pop up when going down this route, and these hidden costs…

Australian Made Manufacturing vs Outsourcing Overseas

Australian Made Manufacturing vs Outsourcing Overseas There are a wide range of benefits to keeping manufacturing local; particularly when it comes to the manufacturing industry and repetition engineering. These benefits come in many forms, such as economic, logistical, risk management, simplified communication channels and more. There are benefits to both customer and the local manufacturer,…

What is Repetition Engineering?

What is Repetition Engineering? Repetition engineering utilises computer programmed machining equipment to efficiently produce large runs of identical parts. This reduces production time and cost per part. Companies that outsource the production of repetition engineering components then have more time available to focus on the various other aspects of operating and growing their business, while…